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                                                                  VANASPATI GHEE
I Ambuja vanaspati ghee is manufactured from partially hydrogeneted permitted vegetable oils.
II Ambuja vanaspati ghee is produced by blending selectively hydrogenated oils, which is free from liquid separation .
III Ambuja vanaspati ghee is a uniform solid product as required in the market.
IV Ambuja vanaspati ghee is manufactured in a modern multistage, hygienically controlled via the supervision of highly technical personals.
V Better eating and keeping quality.
VI Ambuja vanaspati ghee is white colored, blend in taste & odour, with bold grains.
I. Ambuja vanaspati ghee is the best for domestic home-use for direct human consumption.
II. It is the best cooking media for frying to increase the keeping quality of fried products.
III. Ambuja vanaspati ghee is also best for hotel use as well as for making sweets.
  Ambuja Vanaspati typical Specification
  Parameters Specifications.
  FFA% (As Oleic Acid) 0.25% Max
  Odour Odourless/Blend
  Appearance White bold grains
  Contamination Free from any foreign matter
  Adulteration Free from all non edible
  Nikl Content (ppm) 1.5 Max.
  Customized specification can also be achieved
   Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.
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