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Soyabean Hulls are a by-product of our Soyabean processing and are an excellent source of digestible fiber and energy. Soyabean Hulls are also a significant source of protein, comparable to Corn in the amount of Crude Protein and superior to Cottonseed hulls in nutrient content.

Our Soybean hulls are light, flaky, and bulky, and require special handling. Feeders that are closed are an asset, when feeding soybean hulls in the open, as they have a tendency to blow in commodity barns or when loading feed in windy conditions. Also the trailers used for transportation should be closed and covered.

Soybean Hulls contain the enzyme urease, which causes the rapid breakdown of urea. Hence caution should be maintained when feeding soybean hulls along with feeds containing urea. However, urease can be destroyed through heat treatment, in the milling process and usually is when the hulls are used in a mixed feed. Soybean hulls which have been heat treated are referred to as Soyabean Mill Run, Soybean flakes or Soya Bran flakes.

Soybean Hulls are a palatable feedstuff for Cows and Calves. It contains a high level of very digestible fiber. It has slightly more TDN than beet pulp and oats, 93 percent of the TDN value of barley, and 88 percent of TDN value of corn.

Soybean Hulls may be included in the grain mixture at a rate of up to 14 pounds (6.5 Kg) per cow per day. Because of its bulky texture, caution should be taken when feeding over 12 pounds (5.5 Kg) per cow per day.

It is a very commonly used feed ingredient for feeding and supplementation. If hay supply is short and/or of low quality, supplemental feeding should begin early so the hay and soybean hulls are fed concurrently.

Soybean hulls can also be used with poor-quality and frosted pastures as a supplemental energy source. When using soybean hulls with forage, the hulls can be considered as an "extender" or a "stretcher" rather than as a replacement for forage.

Two areas of considerable potential for using a high-fiber by-product feed,  are to replace or supplement hay,  during the winter for cows or enhance performance of back grounded calves being fed forage-based diets.

Soyabean Hulls are an excellent source of fibre and energy. Soybean Hulls are used as a replacement for corn in steers maintained on forage-based diets. Soybean hulls have been found to be equal to corn for rate and efficiency of gain when fed as a creep supplement to steer calves. Soybean hulls are more beneficial as a supplement for growing animals that are grazing or fed hay, compared with high energy, feedlot diets.

Soybean hulls, fed in combination with whole, raw soybeans, are as valuable as whole cottonseeds as a ration for lactating dairy cows

Soyabean Hulls are fed in whole, ground, or pelleted forms. Soybean hulls may be included in the grain mixture at a rate of up to 14 pounds (6.5 Kg) per cow per day. Because of its bulky texture, caution should be taken when feeding over 12 pounds (5.5 Kg) per cow per day.

Specification of Soyabean Hulls:
Dry Matter 91%    
Crude Protein 10.0%    
Fat 2.0%    
Crude Fiber 36.0%    
Neutral Detergent Fiber 61.1%    
Acid detergent Fiber 45.5%    
Calcium 0.45%    
Phosphorus 0.16%    
Total Digestible Nutrients 71.0%    
Non Energy-Lactation 73.8Mcal/100 lbs    
Specifications of Indian De-hulled Soyabean Meal (Hi-pro):
Parameters Specifications    
Moisture  11% Max.    
Crude Protein 18% Min.    
Fat 7% Min    
Crude Fiber 22-24% Max.    
Sand/Silica 2.5% Max.    
Phosphorous 0.15% Min    

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