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High Maltose Syrup

Product Specification
   High Maltose Syrup
   Charactereristic Minimum Maximum    Method
   Appearance Colorless to high yellow colored syrupo    Visual
   Dextrose Exuivalent / DE 40.0 46.0    Lane and Eynon
   Maltose % in DS Basis 40.0 48.0    HPCL
   Brix0 at 250C 78.0 84.0    Refractometer
   SO2 PPM 200 PPM 400 PPM    Iodine Titration
   Sulphated Ash 0.1 0.3    Furnace
   Ph of (1:1 Aqueous Solution) at 250C 4.0 6.0    pH Meter
   Arsenic PPM 1.0 Max    IP Method
   Heavy Metals (Lead PPM) 1.0 Max    IP Method
   Total Plate Count 2500 cfu/gm Max    Plate Method
   Yeasts & Moulds 100/gm Max    Plate Method
   E.Coil Absent/10 gm    IP Method
   Salmonella Absent/25 gm    IP Method
   Packing: In 300 kgs HM HDPE barrels, ISo Tanks, Flexi Tanks & 1 MT IBC
   Shelf Life: 2 years

   Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.
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Ahmedabad 380059

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